Hannah Vander Veer

Name: Hannah Vander Veer
Title: Marketing Associate 

What’s so awesome about Peace Tree Brewing Company?
Peace Tree Brewing Company was created in 2009 to enhance the community of Knoxville, Iowa. Since then, it not only continues to bring people to downtown Knoxville, but Peace Tree has expanded to two more communities, downtown Des Moines and Grinnell. Using very thoughtfully crafted beer, Peace Tree has been able to provide a gathering place rooted in the heart of communities as well as distribute their beer all over Iowa and Nebraska. 

What’s new and upcoming for you in 2018?
Peace Tree is focusing on good beer in 2018. With three taprooms and two production facilities, we’ll be putting out as many old favorites and new brews as much as possible in 2018. Look for these new beers to be available in our taprooms first before hitting the market. 

What’s so awesome about the Des Moines area beer scene?
The Des Moines are beer scene is so cool because people have choices and really good choices at that. Not only is the beer good, but the experiences to go along with them as good as well. Breweries are providing a place to enjoy their products but also creating an experience to go along with them. Live music, food options, special events, and places to just gather with friends, breweries are creating that third space for people to come together.


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