Collaboration Beer

The collaboration beer is a Des Moines Beer Week project that celebrates and promotes the growing craft beer scene in Des Moines while highlighting the talents and collaborative nature of the craft beer industry.

Be on the lookout for details about 2019 collaborations!

The collaboration beer is a Des Moines Beer Week project that celebrates and promotes the growing craft beer scene in Des Moines while highlighting the talents and collaborative nature of the craft beer industry.

2018 is our 4th annual collaboration. This year, Des Moines brewery collaborators partnered with local or out of state breweries or organizations to create individual beers using at least one ingredient from Iowa.

Confluence Brewing Co. (Des Moines, IA) + Flix Brewhouse (Des Moines, IA)

Name: ConFlix of Interest  Style: Belgian Ale with Honey  Iowa Ingredient: Honey

Some say there are as many ways to brew as there are brewers in the world. You may think then, when two brewers meet, conflicts of interest may arise. Nothing was further from the truth when we got together with our friends at Flix Brewhouse. Gripped by the spirit of collaboration and equally determined to avoid brewing yet another summery pale ale, it took little time for us to agree on a Biere de Garde, specifically a Biere de Miel (literally beer with honey). We designed our friendly brew to capture the essence of centuries of refreshing farmhouse ales. With the addition of local honey and Lemondrop hops, ConFlix of Interest delivers a subtle aroma of lemon, banana and freshly cut hay, while being malt forward with notes of toasted honey and cereal grains. We hope you’ll agree that this beer is the perfect refreshment for your Des Moines Beer Week.

Exile Brewing Co. (Des Moines, IA) + 4 Hands Brewing Co. (St. Louis, MO)

Name: Farm Fresh Gose  Style: Gose  Iowa Ingredient: Basil from Beaver Creek Produce

Our Gose collaboration with 4 Hands Brewing is brewed with the normal sea salt and coriander, with additions of ginger and fresh basil from Beaver Creek Produce! It’s equally crisp and tart and everything the Midwest represents. Available on draft and in 4-packs at the brewpub and across Des Moines and Iowa in your local grocery stores, liquor stores and bars!

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515 Brewing Co. (Clive, IA) + Carroll Brewing Co. (Carroll, IA) + Odell Brewing Co. (Fort Collins, CO)

Name: Three the Hard Way  Style: New England IPA  Iowa Ingredient: Chinook Hops

Brewed with Chinook Iowa hops, this hazy and juicy beer packed with fruity flavor will show you why New England IPAs are such a popular beer style in the US right now. This beer was actually brewed the hard (and fun) way, by collaborating with other independent, community-driven breweries to hand-craft a unique beer just for you.

Court Avenue Brewing Co. (Des Moines, IA) + Downtown Farmer’s Market (Des Moines, IA) 

Name: Farmer’s Market Gold  Style: Belgian Golden Strong Ale with Honey & Rosemary  Iowa Ingredient: Honey (Soder Apiaries out of St. Charles, IA) and Rosemary (Saltlickers out of Nevada, IA)

For a limited time, $1 of every pint sold will benefit the Farmer’s Market Meals From The Market program (MFTM) which partners with DMARC to provide produce and meals in their food pantries and shelters.

Brightside Aleworks (Altoona, IA) + Firetrucker Brewery (Ankeny, IA) 

Name: Bright Trucker  Style: Brunch Beer  Iowa Ingredient: Iowa Maple Syrup

We are kicking off Des Moines Beer Week right! We have teamed up to bring you a unique twist on brunch – in a beer! We found the ever-elusive Iowa maple syrup and boiled it in with red malt and noble hops, finishing the brew with Belgian yeast, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla beans to bring you an exceptional blend of flavors. Prepare yourself for an unparalleled beer with a personality as unique as its brewers.

Fenders Brewing (Polk City, IA) + Mistress Brewing Co. (Ankeny, IA) 

Name: Farmhouse Ale with Honey  Style: Farmhouse Ale  Iowa Ingredient: Honey (Eugene Harms, Des Moines and Bell Farm, Runnells)

Mistress Brewing Co. (Ankeny, IA) Fenceline Beer Lab (Huxley, IA) 

Name: CollaBEERation Honey IPA  Style: Honey India Pale Ale  Iowa Ingredient: Honey (Eugene Harms, Des Moines and Bell Farm, Runnells)

Torrent Brewing Company (Ames, IA) Twisted Vine Brewery (West Des Moines, IA) 

Name: Sacrificial Pie  Style: Cherry Sour  Iowa Ingredient: Cherry Pie from the Machine Shed

A sweet and tart sour ale brewed with a whole sacrificial pie and fermented with over 400 pounds of cherries.

Madhouse Brewing Co. (Des Moines, IA)  

Name: Collab IPA  Style: India Pale Ale  Iowa Ingredient: 100% Iowa grown hops

Water + Yeast + Malt + Hops = Beer The 2017 Des Moines Beer Week collaboration beer project highlighted 2 basic ingredients of the brewing process while involving multiple breweries, multiple collaborations and multiple SMaSH (single malt and single hop) beers. When the focus is on just one grain and one hop variety in a recipe, the flavors are experienced more clearly. See the list below for more information on all of the 2017 collaborations and participating breweries!

Confluence Brewing Co. (Des Moines, IA) + Insight Brewing (Minneapolis, MN)

Name: Influence Hops: Galaxy Malt: Maris Otter Story: Our collaboration is with Insight Brewing in the Twin Cities and the beer we’ve created is called Influence. We made a pale ale with Maris Otter malt with Galaxy hops and are co-fermenting it with our house ale yeast and Brettanomyces Claussenii. The projected ABV is 5.6-6.0%.

Exile Brewing Co. (Des Moines, IA)Station 26 (Denver, CO)

Name: John Lemon Tart Pale Ale Hops: Lemon Drop – boil and dry-hop Malt: Metcalf 2-row Pale Ale from family farm and craft malt house Root Shoot Malting of Loveland, Colorado. Story: We brewed a collaboration beer with Station 26 for the 2017 Colorado Brewers Guild Collaboration Fest in February. This was brewed at their place in Denver and was only available in their hometown. John Lemon Tart Pale Ale is the return leg that was brewed at our place in Des Moines! We were interested in a sour for our previous collab in but the logistics didn’t work out. We are both big sour fans and everything fell perfectly into place for our DSM Beer Week collaboration which will feature our house ale yeast, barley from a craft malt house, and Lemon Drop hops, soured with our in-house cultured lactobacillus for a tart twist on a SMASH beer.

Reclaimed Rails Brewing Co. (Bondurant, IA) + Community

We will be doing a pilot brew and involving our community in our SMASH beer! There will be 5 chamber members as well as 5 community patrons drawn to participate. Learn more! 

New American Brewing Co. (Ankeny, IA) + Pulpit Rock Brewing Co. (Decorah, IA)

Name: American Rock Malt: Vienna Hop: Centennial Story: We reached out to the Pulpit Rock guys and asked if they would be interested in brewing something together.  They didn’t hesitate, and suggested Vienna Malt, we added Centennial hops and we were off! ~ David, New American Brewing

Twisted Vine Brewery + Fox Brewing + Rock Bottom Brewing Co. + Barn Town Brewing (all of West Des Moines, IA)

Name: Suburban S.M.a.S.H. Malt: Red X Hops: HBC 343 Story: Suburban SMASH was brewed at Twisted Vine in collaboration with Fox Brewing, Rock Bottom Brewing, and Barn Town Brewing. It is a part of Des Moines Beer Week and was brewed as a celebration of the great beer being brewed in West Des Moines!

Mistress Brewing Co. (Ankeny, IA) + Twisted Vine Brewery (West Des Moines, IA)

Name: da Vine Mistress Malt: Golden Promise Hops:   HBC #517, HOP Breeding Company experimental program Story: What happens when you bring together a brewery obsessed with the water profile of their beers and one that revels in the exploration of hops in theirs? A collaboration that we call a ‘da Vine Mistress’. Mistress Brewing Company is obsessed with water, ensuring consistency with the style or taste profile of the beers they are developing.  Twisted Vine Brewery has a team of brewers who all enjoy pushing the flavor envelope with their hops. We combined a classic European malt with a sweet clean flavor and a hop that brings fruity and citrus characteristics including lime, peach, pineapple, and eucalyptus. Repeated dry hopping accentuates these notes, bringing a “fruity” note to both nose and palate.

515 Brewing Company (Clive, IA)

Name: Azacca K.I.S.S. Malt: Castle Malting Belgian Pale Ale Malt Hop: Azacca Story: Azacca K.I.S.S. is 515’s contribution to the Des Moines Beer Week’s SMaSH (single malt and single hop) beer challenge. Our recipe includes Castle Malting Belgian pale ale malt, Azacca hops and the Conan yeast strain. If you haven’t figured out the name, ask a 515 beertender and they’ll be happy to tell you. Azacca K.I.S.S. taps at noon on June 16th.

Flix Brewhouse (Des Moines, IA) + Keg Creek Brewing (Glenwood, IA)

Name: Promise Rings Hops: Mosaic Malt: Golden Promise Story: Mike Gauthier (Brewmaster at Flix Brewhouse-Des Moines) contacted me about collaborating and we initially talked via text and email about a variety of different malts and hops plus some other additions. I stopped by Flix and we shared a few of his beers and sampled the brew he started the yeast that we are using to finalize the brewing details. We first decided that this beer had to be sessionable. We were talking about names and I brought up a scene from South Park. That led Mike to name the beer and insist on changing the malt. The name, Promise Rings, references a certain South Park episode that we both find hilarious. Of course the malt is Golden Promise which is an English variety. Cruising along with our love of things Belgian, Mike had selected the Bastogne yeast which originates in the Low Country. Finally, he threw in a curve and we switched from the New Zealand hops we had originally talked about as well as the classic German variety that excited us and Jack; we kept the theme of the old threes from different places by going with Mosaic hops. Mike came up with the hopping schedule and I decided to brew the Keg Creek version with a higher mash temperature to yield a sweeter finish from the extra dextrins. Quite a departure from some of the other hoppy beers we’ve been doing that are fairly dry. ~ Eric Sorensen, Brewmaster at Keg Creek Brewing.

Madhouse Brewing Co. (Des Moines, IA) + Trout Unlimited

Name: Royal Humpy Hops: Mosaic Malt: Golden Promise Story: Every year we do a “fishing beer” in collaboration with Trout Unlimited. For this year, in the spirit of Des Moines Beer Week, we decided to do a SMaSH Session IPA. This beer will be released on Thursday, June 22nd at Jasper Winery during our Summer Concert Series event with The Maytags performing. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer will go to the local Trout Unlimited chapter which promotes clean water and healthy rivers.

Court Avenue Brewing Co. (Des Moines, IA) + Barley’s Angels 

Name: Hop Rockin’ Angel Hops: Mosaic Malt: White Wheat Story: We decided to collaborate with the Des Moines branch of Barley’s Angels to brew a beer that will benefit Girls Rock! Des Moines. The brew day is happening on Saturday, June 24th to celebrate Des Moines Beer Week and to give people at the Farmer’s Market (or people who want to just come down to CABCO!) the opportunity to see the collaboration in action

In the collaboration’s second year, Des Moines area breweries came together on April 27, 2016 at Exile Brewing Co. to create the 2016 Des Moines Beer Week Collaboration Beer, “High Tide,” an Australian Pale Ale which was released in June for DSMBW. Participating breweries were: Exile Brewing Co., Confluence Brewing Co., 515 Brewing Co., Court Avenue Brewing Co., Firetrucker Brewery, Flix Brewhouse, Fox Brewing, Granite City, Madhouse Brewing Co., New American Brewing, Reclaimed Brewing Co., Rock Bottom Brewery, Twisted Vine Brewery, Wing Nutt Brewing Co.

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Des Moines area breweries created the first official Des Moines Beer Week Collaboration Beer on May 8, 2015 at Confluence Brewing Company which was released in June for DSMBW. It was an Engish-style summer ale with 7 different hop varieties called “All Hands On Deck.” Participating breweries were: Confluence Brewing Co., Exile Brewing Co., 515 Brewing Co., Firetrucker Brewing, Court Avenue Brewing Co., Flix Brewhouse, Rock Bottom Brewery, New American Brewing Co., Madhouse Brewing Co.

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