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What is Des Moines Beer Week? (DSMBW)

Established in 2014, Des Moines Beer Week is an annual 10-day celebration of the ever-growing craft beer scene in and around Des Moines. Participating breweries, businesses, and venues host fun and unique events with the goal of engaging not only craft beer lovers but also inviting and welcoming new audiences into the craft beer community. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 events may function differently than past Beer Weeks. This year during the 10-day DSMBW celebration, it is more important than ever to continue supporting small businesses. Help support and celebrate craft beer through visiting local breweries, restaurants, and bars, and attend any safe events that take place during DSMBW. As we hear of decisions on those, we will do our best to share with our Beer Week followers any announcements & details.  

Where is DSMBW?

All over Des Moines! You’ll find multiple events taking place at various venues across the Des Moines area. 

What is the purpose? Is it only local beer?

Our goal is to promote and celebrate our craft beer community which includes the local breweries bringing us exceptional beer every day, but we also know great beer comes from a lot of places! We recognize and appreciate what regional and national breweries do to help bolster our craft beer offerings and we encourage their participation as well.

DSMBW is and always has been for anyone that loves beer whether they make it, sell it, distribute it, serve it, or drink it.

Can I have a booth/table at DSMBW?

Des Moines Beer Week is not a single beer festival but 10 days of multiple activities and events that take place through various venues across the Des Moines metro.


What kind of events are there?

It really varies! From the Iowa Craft Brew Festival and special tappings and takeovers to beer dinners, cookie pairings, semi-pro wrestling, Drinking Pants Pageants, and Beerwood Derby races there’s sure to be something for everyone. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 events may function differently than past Beer Weeks. This year during the 10-day DSMBW celebration it is more important than ever to continue support for small businesses. As we hear of decisions on safe events being held at local breweries, restaurants, and bars, we will do our best to share those announcements & details with our Beer Week followers.


Are kids allowed at the events?

This is something you will have to reach out to the host venue for. Many places allow kids but many do not so it’s best to check with them before making plans!

When/where is the Beer Mile?

Due to several extenuating circumstances out of our hands and the hands of the organizers, the Beer Mile is no longer part of the Des Moines Beer Week Kick-Off Event at El Bait Shop. A few other breweries around the state host them so check those out!

Thank you for understanding.

Iowa Craft Brew Festival

If you’re looking for information on the Iowa Craft Brew Festival you will need to contact the organizers, the Iowa Brewers Guild. We would love to help you but Des Moines Beer Week is just the week during which these organized events take place. Please do not contact us about the Iowa Craft Brew Festival, we’re very sorry that we cannot help you.

Where do I buy tickets for the Iowa Craft Brew Festival?

The Iowa Craft Brew Festival is organized and hosted by the Iowa Brewers Guild. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Iowa Craft Brew Festival will occur at a later date. As we hear the details of the Iowa Craft Brew Festival, we will do our best to share with our Beer Week followers any announcements & details.

For more information, please see their website.

Sponsorship + Event Hosting

Why do you need sponsors?

Des Moines Beer Week requires a lot of work to organize and promote, and it’s done by a local committee of passionate beer lovers. Des Moines Beer Week grows every year, and to continue this growth and provide a quality experience for local beer lovers, we need help from sponsors to help fund production, design, marketing, and promotional costs. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the last year has been challenging for the small businesses & organizations that support the efforts of DSMBW. Even though there is hope on the horizon with the vaccine rollout, the reality is that DSMBW relies on these sponsorships in order to happen in its usual format. Although DSMBW looks a little different this year, there will be just as many opportunities to get out and support your local breweries and have good beers! 

What do I get as a sponsor?

Aside from our adoration and endless gratitude, it varies! Depending on your level of sponsorship, DSMBW offers a wide array of opportunities which provide significant visibility to food and beverage industry leaders, media, and most importantly: beer drinkers and future beer drinkers AKA consumers.

Is there a limit on the number of sponsors?

Only on our top two levels of sponsorship (Barrel & Crowler Levels) with a maximum of 6 each. Pint and Sampler Levels are unlimited.

Do I have to be a sponsor to hold an event?

You don’t! BUT being a sponsor means we help you promote your event and you get the rights to promote it as an official Des Moines Beer Week event.

What kind of events are allowed/encouraged?

We encourage local breweries, restaurants, & bars to make plans to safely host events or special releases during the 10-days of DSMBW at a size they are able to. We only ask they feature craft beer and take place in the Des Moines area. 

My brewery is out of town/state, can I still participate or hold an event?

Absolutely! As we mentioned before, DSMBW is for all and if you’ve got a Des Moines-area venue willing to host or partner with you for your event we are happy to have you be part of the week.

I'm running specials all week, am I part of DSMBW? Can I use the logo to promote?

You are welcome to host any events or specials in the spirit of Des Moines Beer Week but only sponsors have the rights to the logo. Consider signing up for the Taster Level sponsorship for rights to use the logo on events and support a local organization championing the beer industry!

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We mentioned it above in our FAQ but it’s important to reiterate that DSMBW is not one beer festival but multiple events at various venues across 10 days. Please don’t ask about setting up a table or booth. (Sorry, we just get a lot of inquiries.)

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