Jesse Narducci

Name: Jesse Narducci
Title: Founder, Cidermaker 

What’s so awesome about Jefferson County Ciderworks?
We are here to bring the apple back in all it’s glory! We are New American Cidermakers and we are pushing the bar on traditional thoughts and techniques behind cider. Cheers!

What’s new or upcoming for Jefferson County Ciderworks in 2018?
We’re moving into our new 12,000SF cidery so we can bring you more goods, everywhere! Cans and bottles for 2018 and as always, loads of new ciders that wine and beer drinkers can get behind – Cider Done Rite!

What’s so awesome about the Des Moines area beer scene?
The Des Moines area beer scene is epic because of the people behind it and the hard work they do to put good beer on our table. Everything from New England IPAs, sours, stouts, ciders, Des Moines is doing it all! The community is collaborative and supportive and ever expanding – putting out some of the nations best beers – we’re privilege and honored to be a part of putting Iowa on the map in a major way in the craft scene.


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