Ryan Bruton

Central Iowa Brand Ambassador/Brewer

Name: Ryan Bruton
Title: Central Iowa Brand Ambassador/Brewer

What’s so awesome about Backpocket Brewing Company?
For the size of our brewery, we have a pretty small team of brewers. But in this instance, our size is a benefit. Everyone is encouraged to collaborate on new beers, and the team as a whole is eager and excited to experiment with different hops, malts and styles.

What’s new or upcoming for you in 2018?
It’s almost time for the release of our 6th anniversary barrel-aged stout. We work on this beer all year in order to release it for our annual anniversary party. It’s boozy and malty with hints of coconut and chocolate, and I’m happy to say that it tastes just as great as last year’s.

What’s so awesome about the Des Moines area beer scene?
Really, the Iowa craft beer scene as a whole is thriving, and Des Moines has opened its arms to Iowa breweries. It’s great to see all the support that goes into promoting the local beer scene. But beyond that, the Des Moines beer community is incredibly welcoming and eager to partner together. It’s not everyday when you have neighboring bars deciding to collaborate instead of simply competing.


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