Mark David

Taproom Manager

Name: Mark David
Title: Taproom Manager

What’s so awesome about Confluence Brewing Company?
We have a spacious taproom that holds 155 people located just south of Gray’s Lake Park with access to the Meredith bicycle trail. The proximity to both the park and trail system, coupled with our popularity within the bicycling community prompted us to build an outdoor beer garden which opened last fall. Our beer garden boasts an outdoor bar with 12 taps, restrooms, food truck access, bicycle parking, and room for 175 people. What many may not know about Confluence is that beyond the taproom and beer garden, we proudly self-distribute our beer to over 550 accounts in Iowa so you can now get our beer just about anywhere!

What’s new or upcoming for you in 2018?
We commissioned our canning line in January of 2017 and haven’t looked back since. So far we have introduced 20 brands in cans and are excited to expand on that with additional beer releases this summer. We are expanding our barrel aging program as well so keep an eye on our social media outlets for specialty and small batch beer release announcements.

What’s so awesome about the Des Moines area beer scene?
The people are what make the beer scene in Des Moines so awesome. The hard work and dedication that we all put into our breweries is shown through the quality of the beer being produced. There are so many breweries, old and new, working diligently to help make Des Moines (and Iowa as a whole), a destination for craft beer lovers.


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