Dave Morgan


Name: Dave Morgan
Title: Founder

What’s so awesome about Single Speed Brewing?

  • LEED Certified Brewery (Gold)
  • Iowa Green Brewery Certified (Platinum)
  • Wrapped our arms around a historic structure in Waterloo, IA – turning a once flourishing, but recently defunct WonderBread Factory into a lively brewery/taproom
  • We’re also super funny, see – Save the Whalez, Bro Series

What’s new or upcoming for Single Speed in 2018?
Sours on Sours on Sours.  Some Kettle-Soured, some Foeder-Aged. We will also be tossing liquid into cans. All signs are pointing to a fun year.

What’s so awesome about the Des Moines area beer scene?
Aside from Peter Holmgren? We love the diversity of the Des Moines beer scene.  They support our whole portfolio (Core / Seasonal / Shift Into Sour Series / etc) like no other market in the state.


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