Name: Christina Patramanis
Title: Brand Marketing Specialist & Event Coordinator

Why do people love your company?

What I hear the most is that people appreciate that our team is like a family, that we use natural ingredients in our beer, and local whenever possible, that we are unique because we are in a beautiful rural area with a predominant Mennonite and Amish influence, and that our brewers truly focus on craft, often developing fan favorite brews of styles that may be otherwise overlooked in the current market.

What new or exciting things are happening for you in 2019?

We have new, fun seasonals releasing in 2019-20 that will be on shelves and taps across Eastern & Central Iowa, and we will really be highlighting the small but mighty community where our beer comes from and what it means to be #KalonaAwesome.

What do you love about being part of the Des Moines area beer scene?

As a Des Moines native, the growth of the craft beer scene signals to me that the city is thriving and building the creative, vibrant community that has always existed in pockets, but now is coming together to give Iowa’s capital the social recognition that it deserves. Now based in Eastern Iowa it makes me so happy to share the goodness of our craft with our DSM friends, and vice versa!


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